Roads and green: maintenance jobs in Costa Smeralda

Roads and green: maintenance jobs in Costa Smeralda - News - Consorzio Costa Smeralda - News - Consorzio Costa Smeralda
08 November 2018

The workers of the Infrastructure and Environmental Protection Office of the Costa Smeralda Consortium are at work these days to repair some damage caused by bad weather. In particular they are fixing the bottom of the road linking the junction of Stazzi Farina with the beaches of Li Itriceddi, Liscia Ruja, Cala Petra Ruja and Razza di Juncu. The dirt road, which crosses a vast area of the mediterranean scrub, is practicable by cars, although prudence is recommendable because it was still necessary to proceed to the patch of some of its parts. The streams, originating from the intense rains of last week, have in fact created some ditches along the route for a total extension of five kilometers. No problem has been produced by the five main waterways intersecting the road, which are channeled into solid pipes and monitored: the Brandano and the Riu Petra Niedda that flow into the beach of Li Itriceddi; the Riu Petra Bianca and the Riu Lu Tungu that finish their run in the beach of Liscia Ruja; the vein of La Suaredda that flows into the sea at Cala Petra Ruja and Razza di Juncu.

The work of restoring the road axle, carried out with an excavator, will go on for a few days, thus allowing an easy transit to the cars in an area that is very popular for excursions or, simply, for visits to beaches in these beautiful and sunny November days. On the front of the works of Costa Smeralda Consortium, it should be noted that, despite the rains, the workers have never stopped fixing and curing the green of the area. For weeks they have been carrying out the pruning of trees and shrubs. The autumnal one is in fact the best time because the plants are in vegetative rest and this allows the wounds to heal quickly and, above all, it assures a luxuriant and healthy growth in the coming months. The employees of the Infrastructure Office are currently engaged in the village of Porto Cervo also.

It has not stopped even another fundamental intervention of high environmental value: that of repositioning in the sea of posidonia, previously accumulated, for the summer season, behind the beaches of Costa Smeralda. The Consortium, from the beach of Cala Granu to those of Pevero and Cala Petra Ruja, is thus protecting the shoreline from marine erosion, which is even stronger during the winter months.

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