The Literature in defense of the Sea, The Costa Smeralda Prize strikes again!

The Literature in defense of the Sea, The  Costa Smeralda Prize strikes again! - News - Consorzio Costa Smeralda - News - Consorzio Costa Smeralda
19 November 2018

a meeting point between culture and environment to show  the core value of  Sea in our Society.

On November 13th , Milan has hosted  the Event to launch the 2019 edition of the "Costa Smeralda Prize" . The presentation, attended by journalists and representatives of the Italian culture, opens  Italian cultural season and the tourist season in Costa Smeralda and promises to be full of innovations

The ceremony will be opened by a conversation with Marino Sinibaldi about Sea and Literature. Guests of Honour: Piero Angela and Maxwell Kennedy.

The jury of experts will be composed of some of the most important representatives of  the cultural scenario Roberto Cotroneo (prize- winning writer , cultural editor for L’Espresso magazine and has cooperated with “Corriere Della Sera” manager of Journalist school in Rome ) Alberto Luca Recchi (journalist, photographer and sea-documentary-maker) Simone Perotti (prize-winner of 2018)

Francesca Santoro (Member of the Unesco Commision Ocean literacy).

As last Year, the winner choice will be supported by the Consorzio Members' Jury, too. more details will be revealed in the Members' newsletter of February 2019.

The prize giving ceremony, open to the public , will be held on 27th  April 2019 in Porto Cervo.

as declared by Beatrice Luzzi, who shares with the Consorzio her second experience as Art Director of the Costa Smeralda Prize , : "The literary prize Costa Smeralda, aims to become  a link between humanitistic  and environmental sciences,  by remarking the importance of se Sea Focused Literature and bring it out of  the shadow in a Country which owes to Sea a big part of  her wealth  and roots: What was the Odyssey if not the archetype of  occidental culture ? In a Society where knowledge becomes more and more "skill-based" , the literature and the humanistic disciplines  have the power of joining people together and make them feel a part of a community.

Marino Sinibaldi, director of Radio 3 broadcasting channel and member of the honour Commitee and "Grand Marshal" of the whole event, declares :"we can say that Literature was born exactly to tell the Sea and its story , because it's in the Sea that the Unknown and the Prologue reside, the two great themes that are core of every literary work.

Submission deadline into the Costa Smeralda Prize 2019 is  December 10th 2018. whole announcement available on our website www.consorziocostasmeralda.com

For the BLUE INNOVATION category (section dedicated to innovators, researchers, administrators, entrepreneurs who have concretely developed or created a product a project or an idea that support the “ocean safeguard mission”) all projects will be available on www.medseafoundation.org

up to november 14th until January 27th

on april 27th at the Cervo Tennis Club  the winners of the Costa Smeralda Prize will be rewarded with an economic contribution and an artwork , the prize giving ceremony will be public and free

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