Natural Trails

You can go on excursions and organised tours in the hinterland of the Gallura area: long, silent walks through the natural world that allow you to revitalise mind and body alike.


The Pevero Health Trail is composed of 2 paths running through the Pevero and Romazzino areas and passing by Porto Liccia bay and Grande Pevero bay. The ENERGY trail, shown in yellow on the map, is 6.710 meters long and has 8 fitness stations: Lavanda (Lavender) – Rosmarino (Rosemary) – Cisto (Rockrose) – Mirto (Myrtle) – Lentisco (Mastic tree) -Ginestra (Broom) – Corbezzolo (Strawberry tree) – Ginepro (Juniper) provided with benches and exercise equipment, to combine walking and workout.

The RELAX trail, shown in red, is 6.467 meters long and runs through the old paths and the dry stone walls of the coast until Madonna dello Speronello. Overlooking the cliff of the Grande Pevero gulf, the Madonnina commemorates the disastrous flood that hit Montalto di Castro.

The trail also goes past “Lu Rutu” (once used for wheat processing) dating back to the beginning of the XX century and the stazzo di Monte Zoppo with its stone fencings used to gather goats; an interesting document of ancient rural life. Both of them are low difficulty trails, with a maximum elevation of 75 meters above sea level, and enable nice walks amidst the scent of the Mediterranean brush as well as hard running sessions or quick walking with an enchanting view over the sea. For a short section, close to the Grande Pevero, the road is covered by a thin layer of white sand, due to the ancient action of wind carrying sand from the dunes The ENERGY trail, thanks to its configuration, can also be used by mountain bike lovers, with great fun.

There are 4 possible entrances to the Pevero Health Trail, all of them with a car parking nearby, and they are marked with START on the map: you can start from the Club House of the Pevero Golf Club, from the Grande Pevero beach using the entrance and the parking of the Piccolo Pevero, from Piccolo Romazzino and from Romazzino, using the parking immediately after Hotel Romazzino in the Porto Liccio area. Both trails are provided with signage: yellow arrow signs (Energy trail), red arrow signs (Relax trail) or both yellow and red signs when the two trails overlap.

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