Mirtò in Porto Cervo with the Preview of the International Myrtle Festival

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Mirtò in Porto Cervo with the Preview of the International Myrtle Festival

Mirtò in Porto Cervo with the Preview of the International Myrtle Festival - Eventi - Consorzio Costa Smeralda - Events - Consorzio Costa Smeralda
21-04-2018 - 22-04-2018

Mirtò in Porto Cervo with the Preview of the International Myrtle Festival
Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April

from 10am to 9pm

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April Porto Cervo will be the stage of a cultural and wine and food event which will be centred around the excellences of our territory: from cooking to crafts, from folklore to music in order to (re) - discover, along the streets of the Village, the products and the creativity of over 50 exhibitors among artisans, chefs, small and large local entrepreneurs.

According to the Costa Smeralda Consortium, the two days will be an opportunity to extend the activities of the tourist season by focusing on a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing the local culture.

The event, promoted by the Mirtò association, sponsored by the Consortium of Costa Smeralda and patronized by Arzachena Municipality, is part of the International Myrtle Festival scheduled in Olbia from 17th to 20th August. During the week-end of 21st and 22nd April, visitors will have the chance to taste some products obtained from the processing of the fruits of the plant, symbol of the Mediterranean forest.

The wine and food itinerary will be aimed at introducing the flavours and colours of Sardinia even to TV spectators. In fact, 4 Sardinian chefs and 4 students of the hotel management School "Costa Smeralda" in Arzachena, will compete in the "Italian Recipes" program of Rete4 conducted by Davide Mengacci. They will propose typical dishes of Gallura and a special jury will then decree the best.

In the “parade” of Sardinian excellences there will also be the Wine with Vermentino DOCG Consortium; the Olive Oil with some local producers; the handicraft represented by Max Manca Knivers of Pattada, world famous for its incomparable Pattadesi and Nature with the quality brand of Porto Conte Park. At least but not last, visitors will have the chance to admire the crafts of the Sardinian designers "Isola Faber", a team of well-known associated stylists in the local area who have the merit of having been adapting the Sardinian tailoring to the contemporary world of fashion.

The program of the day also includes the folkloric performances of the ancient Sardinian games presented by the students of "Giorgio Asproni" Primary School of Gonnesa and guided by the teacher Ornella Boschetto as part of the "GIOGUS" project ANTIGUS " aimed at rediscovering the games of the past. The students will be dressed with the poor clothes of the XXth Century.

The event will be enriched by the participation of the Mamuthones and Issocadores of the Atzei Association of Mamoiada, who arrive in Porto Cervo back from successes and consents around the world.

Finally, at 6 pm on Saturday 21st, after the presentation of the International Myrtle Festival at Piazza del Principe, the Maria Giovanna Cherchi concert will take place.

For the occasion, "Bar Sole" in Piazzetta,  "Prince" restaurant-bar, "Luci della Montagna" and "La Petronilla" restaurants will offer menus with traditional dishes for 18 - 25 euros.

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