Work in Progress

The 2017 is set to be an exciting summer because, as the Consortium linking all of the various stakeholders in the local tourism industry, we are working to enhance services and infrastructures and, at the same time, to extend the season, in line with the world’s leading resorts. The aim is to put together an offering targeted at different groups – from youngsters, through adults, to families – that rather than taking in just the four main months, from June to September, incrementallywidens out to run throughout the entire period from April through to November. It is a project that is geared not only towards hotels and other accommodation providers, but actually encompasses the entire territory, with the Consortium taking centre stage. We want all those tourists who are visiting the Costa Smeralda to receive a welcome that is truly unforgettable in every way, from the basic accommodation service to the food, drink and entertainment options available. I am very proud of the infrastructure projects that the Consortium has approved, which will be implemented on a gradual basis. As a result, usability, practicability and accessibility will be enhanced, with larger car parks, new roads, pedestrianised areas and cycle routes. Services will also be improved, with toilets and showers being installed on all of the beaches, as will the leisure offering, with a rich array of musical and cultural events starting earlier in the year (in June) and finishing later (in October).

The first project will have the objective of raising the quality of the services offered to tourists on our beaches in the Liscia Ruja area, and will be completedin time for the 2018 season. For 2017, we have inaugurated the first phase in the Porto Cervo pedestrianisation project, with a walkway that connects the centre of town to Porto Paglia beach.

Renzo Persico  Chairman of the Costa Smeralda Consortium

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