Vhelade, the millennials singer who enchanted Costa Smeralda

Vhelade, the millennials singer who enchanted Costa Smeralda - News - Consorzio Costa Smeralda - News - Consorzio Costa Smeralda
09 July 2018

Vhelade Bale Mura is a millennials singer with a warm, penetrating, velvety voice. On stage he moves with sinuosity and personality. He has a natural inclination to dialogue with the public and to involve him in his performances, as he demonstrated in a masterly way at the concert that he held at the Waterfront Costa Smeralda on the evening of June 7.

Vhelade is the daughter of a Zairean and a Sardinian. His father, TT Bale, is a musician, singer and choreographer. His mother, Tischy Mura, is a DJ, performer and event organiser. The art is thus in the Dna of Vhelade, which has always wanted to underline, even in the surname, the one that you call the fusion of two distant worlds: the African one and the Italian one; In fact, as he wants us to emphasize, Sardinian.

But her indisputable skill is also due to the self-denial, the study of texts and musical genres, the hard work in the studio. From 2003 to 2014 she worked on television, alongside Pietro Chiambretti. First in the program "Markette", then on Canale 5 with the various formats proposed by the conductor: from Chiambretti Night to Chiambretti Grand Hotel. Vhedale sang covers of great artists, such as Shade or Michael Jackson.

Four years ago, she decided it was time to change her life. She began working on his own album and published it with a title declaring all her love for Sardinia: "Afrosarda".

We chatted with Vhelade Bale Mura during the soundcheck of the concert, which was hugely successful. The attentive spectators have most applauded her, even by the yachts moated behind the stage of the Watefront Costa Smeralda, and many have danced overwhelmed by the passion of her voice.

Next to Vhelade was grandma, Grazia Ferretti, a woman of Tuscan origin who lived in Samugheo for 55 years, a town of which the singer's mother originates. "If I know Costa Smeralda? Absolutely yes - Vhelade replies -. In the past years I have worked for a magnate from a Middle East state. And then, as a Sardinian, I can not know this magnificent place. I was born in Milan, but I grew up in Cagliari and every time I go back to Sardinia, well, I get back the Sardinian accent. Do you hear? "

Indeed, the Sardinian accent is felt (on the stage will claim this membership) but when he sings his voice assumes shades so insightful and intense as not to betray any dialectal inflection. "I was born from to two" crazy "parents-says the young-. My father's artist, my mother too. Then my mother tied herself to a circus. "

Vhelade began to "work" right away. "I was a child, I was doing television commercials, children's shows; I also participated in the Zecchino D'oro. When I started to do circus life, I changed cities and schools every week! I became a contortionist, I made the trapezium. At the age of 14 I joined a gospel choir: I was with five Americans, we toured. They were beautiful and very formant experiences. "

Then came the call of Chiambretti. "He is a great professional, super picky-says Vhelade. I had to do some super cover: I worked a lot, I read, I studied, I tried to give a very personal touch to the interpretation of the songs. I treated the details in a totalizing way. At some point I decided that all this energy I had to use for myself. I wanted to put myself on my own and, with independence, my life changed for the better. I often told myself that I should have done it before, but evidently the times were not ripe. Everything has to take its course calmly. "

In June 2017, the album "Afrosarda2 was released, containing 14 tracks and is available on digital and vinyl and Cd stores. "It was a conceptual and spiritual project, for me it was a magic" says Vhelade, the millennials who like the millennials but who also feels close to the less young generation. Two worlds that live together perfectly in her and have enchanted the demanding and refined Costa Smeralda.

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