Costa Smeralda beaches, all car parks open for consortium members

Costa Smeralda beaches, all car parks open for consortium members - News - Consorzio Costa Smeralda - News - Consorzio Costa Smeralda
07 June 2018

The tourist season of Costa Smeralda is already at full a pace, with beaches full of bathers and Consortium ready to offer all its services. From today, Friday 7 June, the parking lots available to consortium members are regularly open. We are talking about a total of 345 car parks.

These are located behind the beaches of Li 'Itriceddi and Liscia Ruja: 115 for the first case, 110 for the latter. It should be noted that Consorzio Costa Smeralda has promptly taken steps to make the access road to the coast perfectly viable. Technicians and workers have worked hard along the five kilometres of muddy road between the junction of Farina and Razza di Juncu: they have fixed the damage caused by the long and rainy winter as well as the pipes that will serve to channel the streams that, starting from the hills behind them, flow along the road axis and flow into the sea.

In the parking lot that serves the four beaches of Li Itriceddi - walkable along the paths through the Mediterranean scrub that start from the dirt road Farina-Razza di Juncu – it was completed the other day: a good signal for the summer 2018.

The other parking areas available to members are located at Pevero and are used by those who go to the beaches of Piccolo and Grande Pevero: in this area there are 80 slots for cars.

The novelties of 2018 are instead two. The first: the car parks dedicate to consortium members of Romazzino (25 in total) have been moved and are now closer to the beach, which is a few hundred meters from the rest area. The second: there are 25 car parks in Spiaggia del Principe, one of the most loved by visitors. In this case, as for everyone, it will be necessary to take a good walk to reach the sea. An experience, in contact with the unspoiled nature between Capriccioli and Romazzino, which is always worth doing.

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